Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to see what implants are best for me?permalink

Yes. You will be able to see how you would look with different size and types of implants. The actual implants a physician will use will be determined during your consultation. You will also be able to see the possible benefits of a breast lift in conjunction with the augmentation.

How close will the simulated result be to the actual result?permalink

Actual results will be very similar to the simulations done on your own 3D image. VECTRA simulations are based on the actual implants that your surgeon will use.

Where can I go for a consultation using 3D simulations?permalink

Use the Find a Doctor locator on this website.  This will show you where the nearest physicians are located and what their medical specialties are. You will also find complete contact information and you can email them directly from this website.

Will this software help my surgeon to see that my breasts are different sizes?permalink

VECTRA software includes special tools to show the size and position of each breast. Breast “asymmetry” is very common, and VECTRA analysis helps your doctor develop a surgical plan which will help reduce your asymmetry.

Am I a good candidate for breast augmentation surgery?permalink

That is a decision you will make with your physician. Sculpt My Dream can show you the possibilities of the procedure, but is not intended as a substitute for a medical consultation.

How much will my breast augmentation surgery cost?permalink

That will depend on the type of procedure you choose, where it is performed and other factors. You should discuss costs with your doctor during the initial consultation.

Can my doctor show me where the scars will be?permalink

Your doctor should be prepared to discuss the possibility of scarring or any other effects from the surgery.