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SculptMyDream is an interactive, educational web experience for individuals considering medical aesthetic procedures. It provides an opportunity for you to explore the possibilities of these procedures and to select a practitioner who can best meet your needs and expectations. Also available are a variety of resources to learn more about aesthetic procedures, ask questions and share the experiences of others.

SculptMyDream is based on the aesthetic simulation technology used in the VECTRA 3D imaging system and Sculptor 3D software from Canfield Scientific. VECTRA 3D allows medical practitioners to take three dimensional photographs of their prospective patients and then, with Sculptor 3D software, transform those photographs into a visual representation of a selected aesthetic procedure. These 3D simulations can be rotated and viewed from multiple points of view, and modified as needed to accurately depict the desired result.

VECTRA 3D is offered by leading physicians worldwide who may be located through the "Find a Doctor" search tool.

Canfield Scientific

Canfield Scientific is the global leader in imaging systems, services and products for scientific research and healthcare applications, serving the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, cosmetics, medical and skincare industries.

Canfield applies its many years of experience to develop products that meet the unique requirements of direct patient care in healthcare and wellness environments.