If you’re considering breast augmentation, my advice is to find a doctor who uses VECTRA 3D. That’s the only way you can really see how you’re going to look after the surgery.

    Sylvia K. in Tualatin, OR

    It was much better than I expected. Some doctors make you stuff a bra…ugh…but VECTRA simulation is totally different, and a whole lot better.

    Penny G. in Grand Rapids, MI

    Unbelievable! It was like seeing your new body in a 3D movie. And the best part is you can change it all you like until you find the look you really want.

    Cathy L. in Toronto, ON

    I really wanted to have a breast augmentation, but was uncertain how I would look. Breast Sculptor's 3D simulation really opened my eyes and made the decision easy.

    Laurie M. in Dallas, TX

    When I learned from a friend that a doctor in my area was offering 3D simulation, my mind was made up. Who would go anywhere else?

    Janet C. in Orlando, FL

    I knew I wanted an augmentation, but Breast Sculptor showed me how much better I would look with a lift as well. I am really pleased with the results.

    Patricia K. in New York, NY

    What Doctors Say

    Mark D. Epstein, M.D.

    “Now my patients have a much better idea as to how surgery could change their appearance.”

    Nolan Karp, M.D.

    “Sculptor is a tremendous tool for developing a common understanding with my patients prior to surgery.”

    Brad Bengtson, M.D.

    “It is impressive how close the simulations are to the actual outcomes.”

    Allen Rosen, M.D.

    “Sculptor’s amazing modeling tools together with Canfield’s VECTRA system is the obvious, and only, choice for my practice.”